<p><!-- wp:paragraph --></p> <p>It's back to work!</p> <p><!-- /wp:paragraph --></p> <p><!-- wp:paragraph --></p> <p>After lengthy consultations with industry and health care professionals, the South African Government have released new guidelines relating to the film and television industry.</p> <p><!-- /wp:paragraph --></p> <p><!-- wp:paragraph --></p> <p>Thanks to the tireless work of our Commercial Producers Association and other industry stakeholders, all forms of production have been allowed to start up again.</p> <p><!-- /wp:paragraph --></p> <p><!-- wp:paragraph --></p> <p>BUT... It's not quite back to normal... not yet...</p> <p><!-- /wp:paragraph --></p> <p><!-- wp:paragraph --></p> <p>The shoot-specific protocols will change the way our industry operates. We promise to be upfront and clear about what we're able and unable to achieve under the conditions. We are developing our live streaming capabilities to ensure that the director, client and agency are able to be involved in every aspect of the production from a distance.</p> <p><!-- /wp:paragraph --></p> <p><!-- wp:paragraph --></p> <p>It's not going to be easy, but we're up to the challenge, and as always, the Rocket team will endeavour to find practical solutions to meet our client's needs and offer you the best shooting experience possible.</p> <p><!-- /wp:paragraph --></p> <p><!-- wp:paragraph --></p> <p>We look forward to hearing from you.</p> <p><!-- /wp:paragraph --></p> <p><!-- wp:paragraph --></p> <p>Debbie and the team x</p> <p><!-- /wp:paragraph --></p>